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The following information explains what may happen following a clerical re-check, a review of marking and any subsequent appeal.

If you are unhappy about an exam result, you can request a review of the results. it will cost each exam paper remarking fee 75 pounds for standard service-1. It is important to note that marks can go down as well as up because of a re-mark – or “reviews of results” as exam boards. If a grade will be changed but not mark, the centre will be refunded 75% remarking fees. If you submit an application for a clerical re-check or a review of the original marking, and then a subsequent appeal, for one of your examinations after your subject grade has been issued, there are three possible outcomes:

• Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received.
• Your original mark is confirmed as correct, so there is no change to your grade.

Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received. In order to proceed with the clerical re-check or review of marking, you must sign the form below. This tells the head of your school or college that you have understood what the outcome might be, and that you give your consent to the clerical re-check or review of marking being submitted.

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