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AS and A Level Practical Endorsement

An exclusive choice of A-Level Science Practical Endorsement courses offered in lab environments is provided by Unique Sixth Form Education. These courses meet the requirements of AQA and OCR for the practical work in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our programmes are carefully designed to satisfy all requirements for the A-Level Science Practical Endorsement, having been crafted by real research scientists and certified assessors.

Small group sizes throughout sessions are a reflection of our dedication to high-quality instruction. This strategy guarantees that students can interact personally with scientists, creating an environment that is favourable for the growth of students’ confidence in their laboratory abilities. Our goal at Unique Sixth Form Education is to give students an exceptional and fulfilling educational experience so they can succeed in their A-Level Science Practical Endorsement pursuits.

Practical Endorsement

Practical Endorsement

Practical Endorsement

Practical Endorsement

Practical Endorsement

AQA, OCR & Cambridge Board

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Practical Endorsement?

For GCE AS and A Level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with Edexcel, AQA and OCR, the assessment of practical skills is a compulsory requirement of the course. It will appear on all students’ certificates as a separately reported outcome (Pass/Unclassified), alongside the overall grade for the qualification.

As per the cross-board statement on CPAC:

The assessment of practical skills is a compulsory requirement of the course of study for A-level qualifications in biology, chemistry and physics. It will appear on all students’ certificates as a separately reported result, alongside the overall grade for the qualification.

The arrangements for the assessment of practical skills are common to all awarding organisations. These arrangements include:

A minimum of 12 practical activities to be carried out by each student which, together, meet the requirements of Appendices 5b (Practical skills identified for direct assessment and developed through teaching and learning) and 5c (Use of apparatus and techniques) from the prescribed subject content, published by the Department for Education. The required practical activities will be defined by each awarding organisation in their specification.

Teachers will assess students using Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) issued jointly by the awarding organisations. The CPAC are based on the requirements of Appendices 5b and 5c of the subject content requirements published by the Department for Education, and define the minimum standard required for the achievement of a pass.

Each student will keep an appropriate record of their practical work, including their assessed practical activities.

Students who demonstrate the required standard across all the requirements of the CPAC will receive a ‘pass’ grade.

There will be no separate assessment of practical skills for AS qualifications.

Students will answer questions in the AS and A level examination papers that assess the requirements of Appendix 5a (Practical skills identified for indirect assessment and developed through teaching and learning) from the prescribed subject content, published by the. Department for Education. These questions may draw on, or range beyond, the practical activities included in the specification.

In order to achieve a pass, students will need to: develop these competencies by carrying out a minimum of 12 practical activities, which allow acquisition of the techniques outlined in the requirements of the specification; consistently and routinely exhibit the competencies listed in the CPAC before the completion of the A-level course; keep an appropriate record of their practical work, including their assessed practical activities; be able to demonstrate and/or record independent evidence of their competency, including evidence of independent application of investigative approaches and methods to practical work.

The practical activities prescribed in the subject specification will provide opportunities for demonstrating competence in all the skills identified, together with the use of apparatus and techniques for each subject. However, students can also demonstrate these competencies in any additional practical activity agreed and selected with the guidance of the tutor which covers the requirements of appendix 5c.

2. Do I have to obtain the Practical Endorsement?

Answer:  If a candidate does not pass, or opts to omit the practical endorsement, their final certificate will show the endorsement as “Unclassified”

Many UK universities and further educational establishments require an applicant to have passed the practical endorsement to enter an undergraduate course. We recommend that each student verifies whether that is the case for their preferred institution(s).

Overall, 15% – 25% of the marks for all A Level Science courses from AQA, Edexcel and OCR will examine the candidate’s knowledge of practical skills. To be able to answer these questions, students need to have acquired competence in the appropriate areas of practical skills. The Practical Endorsement covers all required practical skills.

3. Can I carry forward my previous practical record?

Answer: Yes, you can, just you need to submit us board certificate

4. Do you do all board practical in your centre?

Answer: No, we do  AQA, OCR, and CIE board practicals in our centre. If you have done practicals with other centre or schools, you can submit your completed lab book and our subject teacher will check it, but you have to pay 100 pounds for it

5. How much cost I must pay for practical?

We have two packages.



Covering an A Leve core practical  with OCR board, or as a preparatory course in readiness for the CIE practical examinations.

Early Bird ( By 31st October), Full A level Practical-Each Subject £700
Normal Fees, Full A level Practical-Each Subject £800


6. How to Book?

Click here to Book Practical Endorsement

To register for our CPAC’s you will need to complete our application form and return it along with photo ID (a recent passport size/style photo will suffice). Terms and Conditions apply in case students will leave without completion of practical then deposit will not be refunded.

Once your application has been received, we will raise an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer, cash, or card payment. Please state at the time of returning the application form your intended payment method. We can send you a link to pay if required. Please note we do not accept cheques. Please ensure that you check your spam folders and [email protected] to your safe senders list.

We look forward to seeing you in our laboratories and have introduced additional measures in response to COVID – 19 which we keep under constant review in order to keep our staff, you our candidates and the wider community safe at this time.

As you would expect, our laboratories maintain high clinical control standards so you will see little change there. However, currently any communal areas are closed, and you will need to be wearing a face mask outside of the laboratory. There is no food or drink provided so please ensure you bring sufficient to see you through the day.

7. How long it will take to complete full A level practical?

Answer: It could take approximately 35 hours ±, each subject.

8. When can I start my practical?

Answer: Every Sunday from 2.30PM for more detial call in 02088074170 ext 5 to speak with Head of Science 

9. Where can I get more information regarding practical endorsement?

Answer: you can contact the science department Ms. Rizwana, Head of Science  on 02088074170 ext. 5 or [email protected]

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