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Transfer Candidate

Online applications for transferred candidate arrangements will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances as below.

  1.   An awarding body will only approve an online application for a transferred candidate arrangement if the security and integrity of the examination(s) will always be maintained. The host centre must:
    1.  Comply with the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting examinations before, during and after the examination(s);
    2. Comply with the regulations governing the secure storage of question papers and other confidential materials.
  2. Please read the following guidance notes before completing an online application.


  1.  Introduction
    • The awarding body’s regulations should be checked for any restrictions on transferred candidate arrangements which may apply to private candidates.
    • Examination officers should seek advice from the appropriate awarding body if they are uncertain as to the acceptability of the transferred candidate arrangement.
  2. Reasons for requests Acceptable reasons for requesting transferred candidate arrangements are:

• A diagnosed medical condition which prevents the candidate from taking the examination(s) at the entering centre. A specific reason must be stated when processing an online application.
• Pregnancy.
• A candidate has moved house after entries have been made.
• A candidate has been excluded or suspended from the entering centre.
• A candidate is in the armed forces and has transferred to another base.
• A candidate is representing his/her club or country at an international level in a recognised sporting event. (Centres must have appropriate supporting evidence, i.e. an official letter from the organisers of the sporting event, signed and dated on headed paper, which makes specific reference to the candidate. An awarding body reserves the right to request such evidence.)
• A candidate is taken into custody or is sentenced.
• A candidate is subject to witness protection, leading to his/her re-location, or a child protection order. (Please specify when processing an online application.)
• A candidate who is taught at a different centre to that which made the original entry, e.g. a consortium arrangement.
• A candidate is a distance learner, registered with a Distance Learning Provider, which has been approved by one or more of the JCQ awarding bodies for general qualification examinations. The candidate has been entered for a GCE or GCSE specification with a non-examination assessment component. The Distance Learning Provider is unable to conduct the specification’s written examination components. (Further information on distance learners may be found within Appendix 3 of the JCQ publication Instructions for conducting non-examination assessments.)  
• A candidate has entries in different subjects involving more than one centre, leading to a timetable clash in an examination session. (A transferred candidate arrangement will be accepted up to the published deadline for the series concerned. Online applications received after the published deadline will be at the discretion of the awarding body.) NB Acceptable reasons for requesting a transferred candidate arrangement are
subject to the candidate(s) transferring to an examination centre approved by one or more of the JCQ awarding bodies for general qualification examinations.

Unacceptable reasons for requesting transfers are:

• A candidate in Wales sitting examinations below Year 11 or a candidate in Northern Ireland sitting examinations below Year 12 since a further assessment opportunity will be available to candidates.
• A candidate’s personal arrangements such as a wedding or holiday arrangements.
• School field trips, exchange visits, work experience or gap year. This list of acceptable and unacceptable reasons is not exhaustive. An awarding body reserves the right to use its discretion when accepting or rejecting an
online application for a transferred candidate arrangement.

Our Details for transfering : 

1. Centre Name : Unique Sixthform

2. Centre No :   13441

3. Email Address :   [email protected]

4. Phone No : 02088074170

5. Exams Officer Name : Saad Khan

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Exams sitting anothe rcentre

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Unique Sixthform

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